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My Precision Ag Ltd.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

My Precision Ag Ltd. offers a wide range of services for clients in Eastern Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Our Services

Shop/Road Service Calls: $125.00/Hour

  • Installations, setup/calibrations, troubleshooting, and software updates on precision farming components
  • Liquid kit and blockage installs
  • Installations of air seeder monitors or other monitoring systems Into machinery

We’ll travel to and from the machinery location (field or farm).

Travel Fee: $125.00/Hour + $0.50/KM

Machinery Consulting Services: $125.00/Hour

  • On-farm start-up with machinery before the season or the first day of seasonal use
  • Fine-tuning machinery in field for optimal performance 
  • Combine loss checks and tuning
  • Operator lessons on new to your farm machinery or refresher from year to year

Phone Support/Remote Support: $1,000/Year

  • Phone support during and after business hours for operational questions, troubleshooting, and other kinds of issues

If your farm has a setup that allows remote support technology, remote support will be included in this plan.

*Applies to products not purchased from My Precision Ag Ltd.

Farm Support​ Plan

Contact us for a pricing for your farm. This will depend on the number of machines/systems that require support. Priority phone support/remote support, seasonal start-up orientation and functionality tests of machinery, software updates (if necessary), and system troubleshoots are included in the price.

A travel fee will be added on top of the support plan at a discounted rate of $100.00/hour and $0.50/km.

Data Services: $125.00/Hour

We’ll provide a printed out and digital copy of yield and application maps for your farm.

New clients will be required to have an on-farm inspection of precision farming systems before the purchase of our farm plan. This will be billed at a regular road rate plus travel.

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